2016 Farmers and Artisans


All Things Olive

All Things Olive brings extra-virgin olive oils to farmer’s markets around the region. Introducing shoppers to unique balsamic vinegars, ciders, salts and infused oils, their collection of delicate and bold flavored oils adds an extra touch of perfection in the kitchen.

Capital candy Jar

The Capital Candy Jar has an infectious quality converting first time tasters to loyalists. It became clear that founder, Dave Burton, had a future in candy when he began selling his family's lollipop recipe in school over thirty years ago. The signature lollipops are still a popular candy creation along with giant peanut butter cups, giant flavored marshmallows, and other unforgettable treats. 

the cookie jar DC

The Cookie Jar DC make eggless, edible cookie dough that you don't have to bake to eat. It comes in two jar sizes and a variety of flavors (classic chocolate chip, sugar cookie, etc.). It's a unique, fun, and dough-licious local treat. 

dexter's french quarters

New this season, Dexter’s French Quarters features a menu that is inspired by traditional Cajun recipes made with fresh ingredients. Dexter’s menu includes items like Crab Cakes, Shrimp Creole, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Corn Crab Soup, and Crawfish Étouffée.  


DelMarVa Popcorn serves a variety of sweet and savory popcorn treats. They offer their own version of old time favorites like Caramel Popcorn, but they also create original flavors like Green Apple Candy Glazed Popcorn. These bags of delicious popcorn are perfect for gifting or simply snacking while strolling the market.


Offering salt-free, artisanal spice blends that bring bold and unique flavors to your dining table, each of District Spice's blend recipes is individually handcrafted, tested, and honed until it is just right. Spices are gathered from around the world and used to create small batch blends that are produced and jarred by hand. 

Dough run

Dough Run is a woman owned company dedicated to creating great tasting, wholesome food for the ever busy lifestyle. Pancake Mix, 3G Bars, Honey Nut Clusters and Granola are exceptionally made with quality ingredients. This is real food for every palate. 


El Sabor del Taco brings the fresh and delicious taste of Mexico to the heart of DC. The menu is focused on offering an authentic experience where all items are freshly prepared, including tacos, tamales, salsas and moles. 

Farmstead Ferments

Farmstead Ferments creates live, raw, wild-fermented saurkrauts, kimchi, pickles, salsas, water kefir sodas and starter cultures. Made by hand in small batches featuring sustainably-grown fresh ingredients inspired by garden harvests and changing seasons. 

gonzalez produce

Stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits at Gonzales Produce. You’ll find a variety of produce and discover the impressive colors and flavors straight from their farm in Central Virginia. Gonzales’ is your reliable source for fresh produce.

island queen cuisine

Experience the cool Jamaican vibes served with every bite. Legendary rum cakes, created from a family recipe, are a popular favorite and truly memorable. Enjoy the taste of balanced spices in the Jamaican patties and jerk chicken.            

larry's produce

Fresh vegetables and fruits from Central Virginia make up the colorful offerings from Larry’s Produce. 

le printemps

Le Printemps presents unique sweet and savory Mediterranean dishes. Their recipes have traveled across seas and through generations and include homemade tabouli, falafel, kabobs, baklava and other assorted pastries.  

lynette's cakes and catering

A former contestant on Cupcake wars, Chef Lynnette’s passion and joy for baked goods extends to cupcakes, pound cakes, and banana pudding. This season Chef Lynnette is also bringing her much lauded bar-b-que menu to the market with pulled pork, seasoned greens and much more. 

martha's jams

Martha has been perfecting her jams, jellies, and syrups since the 1980s. She has over 50 flavors including strawberry, mango, guava and many other variations. You will discover many jams made with only local produce and there are several sugar-free options as well.


The Berliner family has been part of the CHoP family since day one. Mitch and his crew offers countless variations of artisanal sausages and salamis, half-smokes, salami and jerky all made in nearby Bethesda, MD.


Since 1840 this family owned and operated 267-acre farm has produced the freshest fruits and vegetables. In addition to produce, they offer home baked goods and beautiful plants and flowers grown at the nursery on the farm. 



View our seasonality chart to find out which fruits and vegetables are in season.


Following the spirit of Appalachia and a process passed down through generations in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the brewed and fermented teas nurture the body with each sip. Their artisanal methods and complex flavors are brewed with fair trade organic certified tea, sugar and pure Appalachian mountain water. 

ms. curry

Visiting Ms. Curry lets culinary adventurers experience firsthand native Indian street foods. Choose from Kati Rolls, Kati Rice, samosas, vegan options and mango lassi! The fillings and toppings range from fresh aromatic grilled chicken, paneer, a range of fresh farm veggies, lentils and dals, homemade chutneys and sauces. 

nature's garlic farm

Nature's Garlic Farm produces high quality gourmet garlic without the use of herbicides or pesticides. They manage their fields with a natural slow-release fertilization program which compliments the nutrient enrichment of the soils, using composted organics to provide Hardneck garlic with optimum natural nutrients that produce large delicious garlic cloves. 

Nitro's creamery

Nitro’s Creamery utilizes nitrogen to flash freeze mixtures, producing sensational scoops of ice cream. Their ice cream uses only the freshest ingredients like strawberries, rhubarb and beets. Stop by for rich flavors and a cool culinary moment in each serving.

Nuts to you!

High in protein and low in carbs, their delicious nut butters come in a variety of flavors including pecan, almond, hazelnut, walnut and cashew butter. Just when you thought a flawless original like PB&J couldn’t get any better, the Nuts to You! nut butter is a great way to twist a classic sandwich.

pearl fine teas

Pearl Fine Teas is passionate about the process of producing the highest quality teas. This destination is perfect for sampling a new flavor and discovering everything you ever wanted to know about teas. The sourcing of the finest tea leaves is necessary to offer their collection of black teas, green teas, and other herbal teas. 

plum good

Plum Good brings the highest quality, “restorative” and gourmet cooking spices, herbs, blends, oils, sauces, and teas available. They believe that from the beginning of time until now, the kitchen remains the cultural and comfort center of family life. 

power balance & fitness

Delicous nutrient-dense foods that power the body and mind for optimum performance: Nut-Nola & Seed-Nola. Nut-Nola is a gluten-free, grain-free, granola-like, satisfying cereal, snack. Seed-Nola is a gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, granola-like, satisfying cereal, snack. No fillers of any kind only organic, sprouted and activated, low-temperature dried nuts and/or seeds. 

the red bandana bakery

The Red Bandana is a happy, healthy gluten-free bakery. Menu items include gluten-free and vegan friendly items including sweet and savory snacks, traditional cookies, brownies, breakfast bars, pies, cakes and tarts. 

rita's crepes

Fresh made crepes from Rita’s Crepes are simply the best! Try a sweet version with toppings such as cinnamon and Nutella, or a savory crepe like the vegetable Florentine, filled with mozzarella, tomato, capers, Italian seasoning, spinach and olive oil.

shamali hummus

Shamali Hummus is handcrafted with love. Hummus is a dip native to the Middle East. It is made by blending chickpeas with garlic, tahini, and lemon juice. Shamali Hummis comes in a variety of flavors incuding original, plain, garlic and spicy chili.

Sweet pearlz cheesecakes

Get ready to indulge yourself with these fabulous mini cheesecakes. The cheesecakes are always freshly baked and made with gourmet ingredients of the highest quality. It’s impossible to resist all the delicious flavors like Key Lime, Kahlua, Mango, and so much more.

the farm market bakery

The folks at The Farm Market Bakery bake fantastic scones, cookies, pies and cakes and even offer a few gluten free alternatives that pack a punch of flavor. Enjoy treats like Whipped Cream Strawberry Pound Cakes, Red Raspberry Streusel Cakes and a range of artisanal breads.

tuckey's mountain grown

Tuckey’s Mountain Grown is known for having the freshest fruits around. The family owned farm, which has been passed down four generations, regularly researches and develops new methods on growing and developing better tasting fruits and vegetables. 

zeke's coffee

This family owned business, uses only the highest quality Arabica beans, grown on single-estate farm. Here, you’ll be able to taste some amazing coffee blends and purchase a pound to take home. Zeke’s Coffee believes in using only fair trade and sustainable products.




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